The Training Nation Weekly Round-Up

Does your hiring policy exclude ex-cons? Watch out!

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a new set of guidelines concerning the use of criminal background information in employment decisions. The guidelines should serve as a reminder to employers, and their attorneys, that they cannot automatically exclude from consideration all job applicants with criminal records. That includes applicants with felony convictions … Read more

Fighting bah humbug: Driving employee motivation in stressful times

While we all love the cheer and joy of the holidays, let’s be honest—the holidays can be downright stressful with holiday travel, shopping and parties. In addition to personal seasonal plans, many executives are also consumed with end-of-year reporting and planning for the next year … Read more

How to repair workplace relationships after the election

Whether you were the person whose political passions boiled over at work or the coolheaded co-worker who remained silent while arguments swirled around you, now that the election is over it’s time to rebuild relationships… Read more

5 little things that made Obama’s big speech better

The brutal presidential election season ended with two fine speeches by the candidates. Many observers called Mitt Romney’s speech “gracious,” and if it’s true he had prepared only one speech on Tuesday—a victory speech—he did well pulling together a concession speech at the last minute … Read more

How to write an agenda

We’ve all walked out of a meeting and thought “Wow, that was a waste of time.” Perhaps the meeting had no clear purpose, the participants strayed off topic or the issues weren’t adequately resolved. Regardless, you left the meeting feeling frustrated. This time-wasting experience could have been avoided if the person preparing for the meeting knew how to write an agenda that kept the meeting on target and productive … Read more


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